Buyer Interviews

Strategic Sales and Marketing Alignment:
The Power of Knowing  Your Ideal Client Profile

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Why Knowing Your Buyer Matters

Buyers’ intents and behaviors are constantly morphing due to economic climate and budgets. With new technology, how buyers interact with emerging channels is also changing.

Having valuable buyer insights gives you a secret weapon to target the right buyer, while meeting their wants and needs. Business leaders benefit from this deep understanding of their ideal customer to boost business and achieve growth efficiently and effectively.

Unlock the Power of Buyer Insights

  • Improve your messaging and advertising
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Target the decision maker on a new level
  • Generate better leads
  • Separate you from competitors
  • Fast-track your company’s profit and success

Does this sound too good to be true? We promise it is not! With the right direction and intentional steps, you can more easily connect with – and convert – your ideal buyers!

How It Works

Starts with a 30-min call with one of our CMOs who will explain the process, help you identify the right audience to interview, and set you up for success with your Buyer Persona project.

The CMO will conduct interviews with buyers that you identify.

You will receive an executive report with direct quotes used from your buyers, insights, and key takeaways to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and motivations of your ideal customers.

What We Do and What You Receive

We seek to strengthen the alignment between marketing and sales through Buyer Interviews with customers who have recently gone through the Buyer’s Journey for your Products / Services, aimed at understanding the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

The deliverable consists of a comprehensive report with buyer insights done by a CMO, with key takeaways and recommendations for next steps, to guide your marketing and sales strategies.

Priority Initiative Insight

What triggers your buyers to search for a solution? What is their decision-making process?

Success Factors Insight

How do buyers describe their expectations for success with your solution? What problem must your solution ultimately solve?

Perceived Barriers

What stands in your buyer’s way to making a purchase? Understand why customers either choose to do nothing or select your competition instead.

Decision Criteria

What capabilities must your company / offering have to be considered? Buyers generally have several “must-haves” as they narrow down the field of potential suppliers.

Buyer’s Journey

Understand how buyers begin the process of identifying potential vendors and how they collaborate / make decisions along the way that lead to a purchasing decision.​

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