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C-Level Marketing Expertise at a Fraction of the Cost

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Fractional Marketing is marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost. Businesses investing in this model benefit from the value an experienced CMO brings to the table, becoming an integral member of the team while holding internal staff and vendors accountable.

How do you know Fractional Marketing is for you?

You are looking to pivot, scale, increase innovation or exit your business.

You have no marketing director or CMO in place.

You understand and value marketing as a driver of sales and revenue.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A senior marketing leader who will work alongside your team using a hands-on approach. They combine strategy integration with tactical execution while being accountable as a marketing leader.

A Fractional CMO will:

Understand your target customers and specific marketplace in-depth.


Create an appropriate, targeted strategy that aligns with your goals, and then stick around to make sure that strategy is carried out.


Once that strategy is developed implementing our proven process your Fractional CMO will focus on setting specific priorities and have regular weekly check-ins to manage internal and external teams to ensure your business growth is on track.

All this, without having to hire a full-time marketing director, because we understand that is simply not a financial reality for some, and not necessary for many.

Let Jay & Joe explain it to you:

A word from our clients:

Kayla Jacox, Lincoln Industries

“I would encourage any company who is thinking about working with yorCMO to just try it. The great thing about them is that everyone that we’ve worked with is not only kind and caring, but really knowledgeable and skilled.” 

Marcey Darmento, Nye Health Services

“The working relationship I have with yorCMO has been phenomenal. I genuinely enjoy working with Jay and Joe, and know they have our best interest at heart.”

John Lund, MyB2BCoach

“We adjusted sales messaging based off buyer interviews from the audit resulting in 3 new sales within 30 days.”

From our blog:

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5 Reasons You Need A Fractional CMO

Is Your Business A Fit for Fractional Marketing?

Could Fractional Marketing be a fit for your business?

  • What are some of the differences between fractional marketing, hiring a full-time CMO, hiring a marketing consultant, or an agency?
  • What conditions are optimal when thinking about fractional marketing?
  • Learn to identify your own marketing needs.
  • How much do you want to spend on your overall marketing efforts?
  • Learn about the yorCMO approach and system.

Stop wasting your time on ineffective tactics, let us build your customized marketing strategy.

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Help us gain an understanding of your overall business objectives, and together we’ll determine if the yorCMO model is a good fit.

Step 2: Let us create a custom strategy.

Based on a comprehensive audit of your business, your customer, and your market we’ll determine the optimal method of positioning your products or service.

Step 3: Let’s execute the plan together.

We deliver your marketing and the results you want for a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing person.


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