About Fractional Marketing

C-Level Marketing Expertise —

at a Fraction of the Cost

Our results-driven fractional model is designed to allow us to integrate with your existing team so that you get the customized solutions, executive expertise, and proven process you need.

The Fractional C-Suite Retreat

We heard you.

The truth is: as much as you’d love to have a dedicated marketing executive or agency —there’s no room in the budget for another full-time employee.

At least not yet. Or not without letting someone else go. And certainly not without marketing help to drive up revenue. It’s a frustrating cycle, one that’s leaving you feeling frustrated and confused, and looking for a way off.

We’re here to help.

If you’re asking, “Can experienced marketing help ever really be cost-effective?”

The answer is yes. Through innovation, our Fractional Model provides the unique solution you’ve been looking for: affordable expertise.

yorCMO offers the most cost-effective marketing services you can get from top-seasoned marketing professionals.

How it Works

With our shared cost model, you pay partial CMO costs, but you still get all the expertise of C-level thinking.

As your fiduciary partner, we are fully invested and fully engaged, becoming an integral member of the team while holding internal staff and vendors accountable – but for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.


What is a Fractional CMO?

A senior marketing leader who combines strategy with execution. yorCMO will work alongside your team, using a hands-on approach to drive up sales and increase revenue.


The best part?

We’ll pair you with an expert Fractional CMO specifically suited to your unique business needs.

Your hand-picked CMO will:

  • understand your target customers and specific marketplace in-depth
  • create an appropriate, targeted strategy that aligns with your goals
  • stick around to make sure that strategy is carried out
  • focus on priority-setting and ensure your business growth is on track

The great thing about yorCMO is that everyone that we’ve worked with is not only kind and caring but also really knowledgeable and skilled.

Kayla Jacox,
Marketing Managers, Lincoln Industries

The working relationship I have with yorCMO has been phenomenal. I genuinely enjoy working with Jay and Joe, and know they have our best interest at heart.

Marcey Darmento
Nye Health Services

Why The Fractional Model Works

The results we achieve could never be possible by simply remaining in the “outsider” role that is so common among marketing consultants, agencies, and vendors. That’s why when you partner with us, we’re on your team.

It’s a model designed around our belief that “your success is our success,” and we are uncommonly committed to your success.

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