yorMARKETING MVP CMO & Virtual Assistant Services

yorMarketing MVPS Work for You Full-time Under the Guidance of a Fractional CMO

We combine a fractional CMO with a full-time virtual assistant to create a true marketing unicorn!

Listen to Joe Frost, yorCMO co-founder, explain what is the difference between hiring yorMarketingMVP with yorCMO than with any other outsourcing company:

It’s hard to find good part-time marketing help when you need it. yorCMO’s Marketing MVPs are always there for you.


Marketing freelancers are expensive or flaky


Remote workers can be hard to manage


Part-timers just don’t stay around long term

You don’t have to pay too much, settle for less or do without quality marketing anymore!

Clarify your marketing needs.

Our fractionalCMOs work with you to customize the marketing role necessary to support your business.

Find your marketing unicorn with yorMarketingMVP.

Our team searches, screens, and presents candidates for you to approve to be yorMarketingMVP.

Know your marketing is getting done right.

With leadership from a fractional CMO and clear KPIs, yorMarketingMVP will excel.

It’s taken us several years, dozens of clients, and hundreds of hours of experimentation to finally build a marketing unicorn.

Our business was growing, and we needed marketing leadership at a high level, that´s when we partnered with Joseph Frost at yorCMO.

He recommended hiring a VA to execute some of the marketing tactics and operational tasks that we needed. Joe and his team took charge of the entire process and helped us find the perfect fit, both in knowledge and tech skills but also in terms of personality. Jorge, our Marketing MVP, has proven to be tremendously efficient, reliable, and professional. He has shown great initiative and has risen to several challenges in our fast-paced business environment. I would strongly recommend hiring a VA through yorCMO, we are extremely pleased with the process, with Jorge’s performance, dependability, and professionalism.”

Matt Fatka,
CEO, Highway Signing

I was used to doing everything by myself. But when my business really started taking off, I needed to focus on building that momentum. 

Finding time to manage my marketing felt almost impossible. That is when I met Jade through yorCMO’s Marketing MVP Program.

yorCMO did all the screening, interviewing, hiring, and training for me. When Jade arrived, she knew exactly what she was expected to do, she did it in a timely and professional manner and I couldn’t be happier with her performance. I would strongly recommend integrating a VA to anyone who needs help with marketing execution and tactical work.”

Chris Mangan,
Business and Leadership Coach. Owner, Paul Davis of Sioux City

Get all your marketing done and more, for less with yorCMO.

Step 1: Schedule a quick marketing consultation

Help us understand your marketing needs so we can determine if yorMarketingMVP might be an option for you.

Step 2: Start your marketing assessment

With a few internal interviews and a review of your marketing landscape we can identify the roles and responsibilities to begin the search for yorMarketingMVP.

Step 3: Begin your engagement with a fractional CMO

Together we choose yorMarketingMVP, begin the onboarding process, and get to work on your marketing KPIs.

yorCMO believes in getting the tactical marketing work done right in your business shouldn’t be so hard.

We know many business owners like you that have looked for part-time marketing help for social media, event planning, blogging, website support, design work, lead generation, etc.

Whether you’re trying to support an already busy marketing team, or compliment a narrow skill set, the extra help doesn’t justify a traditional full time hire. The problem is that it’s hard to find good part-time help.

They’re usually expensive, or unreliable, or they just don’t stay around very long. Everyone on our team understands that good tactical work also doesn’t get done well without strong strategic leadership.

This is why we’ve combined a fractionalCMO and a marketing coordinator with a full time virtual marketing assistant to create yorMarketingMVP. Together we clarify your marketing needs and find you a marketing MVP.

Unicorn Guarantee

We know it sounds too good to be true, that’s why we created our unicorn guarantee.

If after 30 days of working with yorMarketingMVP, you are not completely satisfied, then we will either refund your monthly payment or find you a different VA for free.

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