What is your expected annual revenue this year?

Have you identified specific objectives for 2022?

Do you have 1-3 year budget projections for your business?

Are your company marketing objectives and goals stated clearly enough to guide marketing planning and performance measurement?

Are your marketing objectives appropriate, given your competitive position, resources, and opportunities?

Do you have buyer personas or details on the demographics, psychographics, and journeys of each buyer segment?

Do you know your customers’ needs and buying processes?

How well do you know your competitors?

Do the customers see your prices as being in line with the value of its offer?

Are your sales and marketing efforts in alignment?

How effective is your marketing at driving sales?

Is there a clear and documented hand off of responsibility between sales and marketing during the sales process?

Do any marketing or sales activities seem to have excessive costs?

Do you have separate planning meetings for marketing?

Do you have a marketing CRM tool for managing your marketing?

Is the system or tool producing accurate, sufficient, and timely information about market place developments with respect to customers, prospects, distributors and dealers, competitors, suppliers, and various publics?

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