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About Our Proven Process

A step-by-step guide to gaining the clarity you need to make confident moves and achieving unprecedented sales growth in your business

The best marketing is simple and simply effective.

After years of refinement and collaboration from top marketing executives, the yorCMO proven process was developed. This repeatable process is dependable enough for predictable growth, yet flexible enough to accommodate your unique marketing needs.

Who can benefit

Companies who struggle to align marketing moves with revenue goals

(We’ve used this exact process to get our clients results time and time again.)

The Six Fundamentals of Marketing

Our simple – yet powerful – building blocks for your solid marketing foundation

1. Know Where You’re Going

Defining where you want to go is the first step to getting there.

2. Understand Your Buyer

Learn about why your ideal clients/customers do or don’t yet do business with you.

3. Positioning Your Offer

Understand the needs of your customer to properly position your products and services.

4. Align Sales & Marketing

Match your marketing strategy to your business goals to ensure operational efficiency and sales growth.

5. Cadence for Planning & Accountability

A strong marketing plan is one supported by consistency and defined accountability.

6. Structuring Processes for Campaigns & Creative

We find the moves that give you the optimal return on your marketing investment.

The Proven Process

Designed to support B2B and B2C companies regardless of size or industry

1. Discovery Meeting:

When we get to know you and your business, “why?” will be our focus. We’ll take time to understand your overall objectives for your business, so we can determine if yorCMO model is the best fit for you.

2. Kick-Off Call

If we are the right fit, we will schedule a kick-off meeting between your team, our Marketing Account Coordinator, and the Client Success Coach.

We will outline your marketing objectives over the next 2 years to use as the baseline for your WIG (Wildy Important Goal), and determine your initial quick wins for the first 60 days.

These quick wins will be achieved during the marketing audit phase and we will oversee the updates and progress.

3. Marketing Audit:

yorCMO will conduct a marketing survey with the key stakeholders and customers, and review any additional information provided. We want to establish a baseline of where the company is today. From there, we’ll give you a detailed analysis of your marketing strategy and execution, as well as a list of recommendations.

Based on buyer interviews from the audit, we adjusted our sales messaging ‒ resulting in 3 new sales within 30 days.

John Lund, MyB2BCoach

4. Foundation Sessions:

Foundation sessions include a Marketing Strategy Session (goals, positioning, marketing support), an Action Session (two-year goals, 90-day priorities, scorecard, campaign plan + budget), and a Kickoff Session.

Deliverables from this time will include a full foundational report and strategy document with the first quarter Foundational Plan, which is used to establish a foundation for your marketing efforts and includes scorecard metrics, campaign themes, calendars, budgets, rocks, and action items.

5. Quarterly Sprints:

yorCMO will manage your team, your vendors, and our team to execute your quarterly priorities all with the overarching 2-year marketing goal in mind. Each quarter, we facilitate weekly check-ins, execution and accountability, and new action sessions for the following quarter, so that we may continue our sprint process.

During the quarterly sprint kickoff, we deliver the marketing action report, establish the quarterly theme, confirm the budgets, and action items, and then kick off the marketing calendar and launch the campaigns.

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