Swanie Tolentino


Swanie Tolentino


Wilmington, North Carolina

Swanie is a trusted marketing executive with over two decades of experience leading global marketing strategies, product launches, and sales initiatives in the technology sector. 

Meet Swanie

A dynamic and accomplished marketing leader who specializes in propelling businesses with growth ambitions to market leadership positions by delivering full impact strategies. Swanie’s extensive experience and proven track record in driving market growth, building strategic partnerships, and spearheading effective go-to-market plans makes her an invaluable asset to any company seeking robust expansion in competitive and high-growth markets. Swanie delivers results for both established enterprises and innovative startups. 

Swanie firmly believes that strategy and execution go hand in hand. She is an experienced leader and individual contributor with hands-on experience in product and channel marketing, sales, and business development. Applying critical thinking in all situations, she fully understands that while there are recognized marketing best practices, the most effective ones are those that deliver results in each unique client situation. 

Swanie’s robust background spans across global regions including the Philippines, ASEAN/SA, EMEA (based in France), and the US. Her hands-on experience encompasses product and channel marketing, sales, and business development, empowering her to adeptly lead cross-functional teams and achieve exceptional results. 

How Swanie has helped her clients: 

  • Strategic Market Entry and Growth: Swanie has a history of successfully launching new products and entering new markets, quickly achieving the number one market share by landing key marquee enterprise clients and expanding partner networks for comprehensive solutions. 
  • Alliance Marketing Leadership: Swanie led the strategic alliance marketing relationship for a prominent IT services company. She was responsible for leading marketing and communications efforts, go-to-market strategy, and delivering marketing materials to promote the alliance, showcase its value to customers, which included identifying top joint solutions in select target markets and crafting effective market positioning and messaging. 
  • New Market and Product Penetration: Swanie drove to #1 market share in the Retail Point of Sale sector in specific regions within approximately three years. She exceeded a $1 billion worldwide revenue growth target by increasing the revenue and profit contribution of business partners and channels, and by penetrating new markets, including kiosks and large retail petroleum deals with new POS footprints. 
  • Diverse Expertise: Swanie drove success in domains such as Hybrid Cloud, AI in supply chain, Mobile Cloud SaaS offerings, server-side solutions, Big Data & Analytics, Retail Customer Analytics, Business Process Management, and Retail Industry Solutions. Her approach to global strategic thinking combined with local market execution has been key to her success. 
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: As the founder of a health and lifestyle products company in North Carolina, Swanie demonstrated her entrepreneurial acumen, managing all aspects from distribution to retail, and showing a deep commitment to enhancing client well-being. 

Swanie commits to delivering full-scale impact with strategic precision and executional excellence, aligning perfectly with the goals of growing businesses seeking substantial market advancements with optimized investment in leadership. 

Industry Expertise:


Outsourcing / Offshoring 

IT Services

Management Consulting


Consumer Goods & Services

Professional Training & Coaching



  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Market research
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Buyer personas, buyer insights
  • Staff Development
  • Mentoring & Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Executive Team Coaching

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