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Chris is a seasoned executive with deep experience in all areas of marketing, sales, alliances, and customer success. He is well versed in helping start-ups build their revenue operations as well as engaging with established companies to reinvigorate flat or declining revenues. 

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Meet Chris

Chris is a highly sought-after C-Level executive and Thought Leader with over 25 years’ experience driving revenue growth, managing marketing, sales, and alliance organizations, and building high-performing teams. 

He is a goal-driven executive with an entrepreneurial drive who spent much of his career with the world’s most prominent management consulting firms, that has given him the opportunity to evaluate and improve Revenue Operations functions for 150+ companies around the globe.  

He has consulted with numerous start-ups in ‘launch mode’ as well as with mid-sized companies ready for ‘accelerated growth’. 

Chris is well-versed in constructing complete RevOps Organizations from scratch, where he builds the strategy, people, processes, and technologies to support near-term as well as long-term revenue growth. 

He has also stepped in to struggling companies, quickly identified the underlying revenue performance issues and executed a complete ‘turnaround’ of the fledgling marketing, sales, and alliances organizations, taking revenues to new heights. 

Chris is detailed, hyper-vigilant, rigorous, and highly analytical.  

He uses these talents to grow the one thing that is most important to companies: Their Revenue. 

How Chris has helped his clients:

In the past 25+ years, Chris has: 

  • Managed marketing, sales, and alliances budgets ranging from $500 thousand to $35 million. 
  • Managed Revenue Operations organizations from 3 people to over 100 people in size. 
  • Turned-around 50+ underperforming marketing and sales teams, taking them from the ‘laggards’ in the company to being in the top 5%. 
  • Built complete Revenue Operations Organizations (Sales, Marketing, Alliances, and Customer Success) for 25+ ‘start-ups’ and ‘mid-sized’ companies. 

Some of his key highlights include the following: 

  • Overhauling an entire sales, marketing, and alliances organization, growing sales by 300% inside of twenty-two months. 
  • Driving a 52% increase in client renewals by implementing a ‘customer experience’ function. 
  • Slashing Revenue Organization Overhead by over 26% through organizational redesign, resource realignment, and compensation management, while still increasing company revenues. 
  • Accelerating Sales Funnels to 5x Annual Quota by replacing ‘tactical sales’ efforts with ‘strategic, high-value pursuits’. 
  • Launching a new company vertical, exceeding revenue target by 65% & securing five flagship logos in the first year. 

    Chris’s record of delivering outstanding results has been executed in small start-ups in launch mode, mid-sized companies in hyper-growth mode, and large companies who have ‘hit a wall’ and need help reaching the next level. 

    As an international executive, Chris has worked in 20+ countries around the globe and is very adept at understanding/adapting to local cultures. 

    Industry Expertise:

    • Management and Technology Consulting
    • Technology Services
    • Software and SaaS
    • Hi-Tech
    • Banking
    • Financial Services
    • Insurance
    • Capital Markets
    • Retail
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Corporate Services
    • Venture Capital
    • Private Equity



    • Cross-Org Collaboration – Marketing, Sales, Alliances
    • Overall Revenue Strategy and Revenue Operations
    • Revenue Forecasting and Measurement
    • Revenue Optimization
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Revenue Recognition and Reporting
    • Risk Management
    • Metrics and KPIs
    • Technology and Tools


    • Market Analysis and Segmentation
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Product and Service Mix
    • Sales and Distribution Channels
    • Marketing – Product, Content, and Digital
    • Advertising
    • Event Strategy
    • Social media
    • Sales Enablement
    • Lead Generation, Demand Generation
    • Analytics and Reporting


    • Sales Strategy
    • Sales Team Management & Development
    • Inside Sales Development and Operation
    • Account Acquisition, Management & Growth
    • Customer Success
    • Metrics and Analytics
    • Compensation and Incentives


    • Alliances Strategy, Formation & Establishment
    • Strategic Alignment, Performance Measurement
    • Governance and Decision Making
    • Risk Management, Reporting and Accountability
    • Exit Strategies



    • MBA – University of Texas @ Austin – Entrepreneurship
    • MSIS – Saint Joseph’s University – Business Intelligence and Analytics

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