Lisa Sperow


Lisa Sperow


Mint Hill, North Carolina

Lisa has proven talent and passion for developing marketing strategies that lead to increased revenues, always focusing on improving processes that drive sales growth.

Meet Lisa

Lisa has a proven talent and passion for developing marketing strategies that lead to increased revenues. She has worked in sales, operations, and marketing roles in industries including financial services, software and technology, apparel, and healthcare, always focusing on improving processes that drive sales growth.  

Having been involved in several startup/expansion roles across her career, Lisa is skilled in quickly assessing the opportunities that will align sales and marketing and drive both quick wins and long-term growth. With a strong background in digital marketing and e-commerce, she enjoys the process of creating a commanding web presence supported by a thoughtful omnichannel marketing program. 

With experience working with companies from the startup to enterprise level, Lisa understands the importance of establishing cross-departmental relationships. The goal is always to work together in accomplishing objectives and solving challenges. She enjoys learning about the specific needs of each of the businesses that she supports and especially connecting with their clients to understand more fully their needs, buyer’s journey, and different personas. 

Lisa loves to use her marketing skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of business owners and the clients they serve. She embraces our core value that Your Success is Our Success and brings her enthusiasm for helping people to each project that she takes on. 

How Lisa has helped her clients:   

    • Increased donations for a non-profit by 33% YoY, establishing a new record for the 30-year-old organization. This was achieved by overhauling the existing digital strategy to include bi-monthly webinars to replace in-person fundraising events, incorporating effective storytelling techniques across messaging platforms, and optimizing web campaigns for conversions 
    • Increased direct patient web leads for a boutique physical therapy practice, resulting in a 25% net increase in new patients per month. This project included a complete website overhaul to address security and architectural issues, improving the messaging based on buyer persona results (which were also repurposed into case studies and testimonials that helped to drive traffic to the site), and the addition/ optimization of conversion opportunities leading to appointment scheduling.  
    • Led digital transformation efforts for a dental company, which included defining the digital content and SEO strategy to support a newly launched e-commerce site, resulting in sales of  $33M in its first year.  

Industry Expertise:




Financial Services

Dental Practice




  • Digital & Traditional Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Web Analytics  
  • Corporate Training 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Content Strategy 
  • Strategic Partnerships 
  • SEO Strategy  
  • Proprietary CMS 
  • e-Commerce 

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