And it’s not without growing pains. But when rebranding becomes necessary for rapidly expanding businesses undergoing significant change, it makes sense to find someone with a fresh perspective and proven set of skills.  

Because let’s be honest, this process isn’t for the faint of heart.  

Mergers and acquisitions, expanded offerings or even a new market focus can be the tipping point for needing an updated company brand.  

Now imagine an IT consulting firm that acquired 7 companies over just 6 years, and expanded and diversified its services.


The good news is that this company was savvy enough to recognize significant shifts in the IT landscape and respond by growing, adapting, and meeting new needs as they arose.  

The tricky part is that both employees and customers alike felt the growing pains. They struggled to understand the full scope of the “new” company and all that it stood for.  

They knew they needed a new company name and brand that would fully encapsulate its expanded services and better reflect the needs of its clients.  

So they turned to Stacy Kamigaki


The IT company that hired Stacy got started in 2007, providing data center and colocation services for customers in the northwest. 

By the time she walked through the doors for her first meeting, it had grown into a multimillion-dollar company with over 500 customers, 9 locations throughout North America, 5 data center facilities and employees across the globe. Plus, its services had expanded dramatically to support clients across the digital spectrum.  

Evolving the brand to bring unity and focus would be no small feat.  


From the beginning, Stacy knew that clarity in objective, strategy, and messaging were critical. She also recognized that in order to create a lasting successful rebrand, she would have to foster an efficient and collaborative team environment.  

She established key objectives and rallied teams around: 

  • Future goals and direction, working with internal leaders to gain a full understanding of the company vision. 
  • Customer and employee insights, engaging with key stakeholders to understand what makes the company and its services unique. Yes, they had cutting-edge technology. But they also had exceptional talent. 
  • Competitive research, learning how top competitors were positioning themselves in the market and discerning what made this company different. 
  • Brand approach, building a consistent and inventive strategy based on the company’s selling points and vision. 
  • In-depth naming review, working with the team to generate over 100 names to research and vet. 

After nine months of these in-depth initiatives, they were able to launch a new era in the life of the company.  

One team. One mission. One path to success. 

Not only did they have a cohesive and dynamic business name, they had also built the foundation to develop their distinctive brand and all the essential components they’d need. 

Everything from tailored messaging to updated documentation and systems; from sales tools to marketing materials, and communications both internally and externally. 

The company also amplified its outreach by working with thought leaders, media, industry analysts, partners, and third-party experts via a fully integrated, multi-channel launch plan with well-defined deliverables and timelines. 

Stacy took the time. Created a plan. 

And it worked. 


“Big enough to compete with the larger service providers, yet small enough to provide the flexibility and personal touch.” 

The results were dramatic. 

Brand awareness as a trusted, IT consulting services provider grew exponentially. The rebrand increased stakeholder and customer engagement while deepening connections with the company overall.  

The company was also featured in a vendor brief of one analyst to their client base. 

Among other highlights: 

  • The company was selected soon after the rebrand for two Microsoft partner GTM programs (fully funded) 
  • Feedback from customers was positive and led to new advanced sales opportunities. 
  • Over 80% of the net new revenues the following year were generated within the existing customer base. 

The new heightened visibility also increased social media followers by 25% in one year, ramped up the website traffic, and earned the company 11 article placements and 3 company awards. 

In the first two years after the rebrand, the company saw double digit annual growth, including 40%+ growth in new service markets in the second year. 

 And that was just the beginning.  



Having a clear name, identity and strategic focus that reflected the company’s commitment to helping customers across all aspects of IT provided a fresh, new beginning and point of connection that every employee could embrace. 

Stacy helped unite previously disparate companies and cultures and rally teams behind shared goals. 

The customers could feel that unity, and looked to the company as a dedicated partner and trusted advisor. They knew they could rely upon this cohesive organization for current and future technology solution needs.  


Stacy has consistently delivered marketing solutions that have significantly grown revenue and market share across numerous industries. She leverages data to inform strategies and decisions. It’s this kind of detail-oriented problem solving and integrated approach that drives Stacy’s philosophy. 

At the end of the day, rebranding is a demanding journey.  

It requires a skilled expert to navigate the process in a way that creates long-lasting results. Stacy’s extensive experience with cross-functional leadership and strategy development makes her uniquely qualified to map the course to a successful rebrand.  

When major change becomes a necessity, Stacy makes it a valuable opportunity. 

With over 25 years of B2B Marketing experience, Stacy Kamigaki has demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver targeted sales and marketing solutions that grow revenue and market share. 

Connect with Stacy and find out how she can help your business scale to the next level.

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