A FinTech company based in Silicon Valley, worth $1 Billion in revenue, with 5000+ employees, and a leader in delivering branded payment solutions was facing a major business growth challenge and they urgently needed a solution.

Enter CMO Aditi Karandikar. Tapped to lead the Global Demand Generation Team, Aditi opened the lines of communication across the 30-person internal team.

Under Aditi’s direction, this diverse team committed to a single goal: deliver 1/3 of the pipeline toward $1 Billion in revenue for the fiscal year of 2021.

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How A Leading Financial Technology Company Closed Their $75m Marketing Gap in A Competitive Post-Lockdown Market.



Aditi Karandikar


Aditi is a data-driven performance marketing executive with vast experience in demand generation and operations at B2B technology companies, helping them acquire customers, create revenue and brand awareness.

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