Kim Jackson


Kim Jackson


Lantana, Texas

A senior strategic marketing executive with an exceptional track record spanning over two decades, Kim has in-depth experience in both the financial and marketing sectors, with a special emphasis in AI. She is also a current member of the American Bankers Association.

Meet Kim

A dynamic and dedicated marketing professional, the area of brand strategy is where Kim is at her best. She thrives on creating influential marketing narratives that connect seamlessly with businesses and consumers.

Her impressive senior-level leadership and comprehensive experience in both the financial and marketing industries make her a powerful force in the B2B marketing world.

Kim’s passion and dedication extend beyond theory, delivering tangible results with an emphasis on AI and data-driven strategies for her clients. By pairing her in-depth knowledge of investing and finance with her marketing prowess, she has crafted and executed innovative strategies that have fostered growth and amplified brand visibility in competitive business landscapes.

She has effectively maneuvered the B2B, B2C, and B2B2C landscapes, with a pronounced emphasis on the financial sector. Recently, Kim’s talents have found a home in a diverse range of industries, such as aesthetic medicine, sports marketing NIL, architecture, interior design, luxury goods, golf, and real estate.

Kim also currently owns and operates Personal Brands Media Group, a micro-media and marketing agency focused on bolstering small businesses and guiding them to exponential growth. Their hands-on approach helps guide their clients to clarify their brand messaging, marketing strategies, and tactics, yielding material results.

Kim’s experience:

As the Business Development Director for Wall and Main, Inc. the leading company in the emerging crowdfunding industry, Kim:

  • Sourced potential high-profile candidates to use the initial platform
  • Developed brand strategy/stories for initial users for beta launch

As the Managing Director at Banc Investment Group, she was responsible for a Saas risk-based pricing model and customer profitability teams.

  • Kim oversaw the merger of these two teams and led the development and marketing of a web-based risk-based pricing platform catering to community banking clients that saw four-fold growth over three years.

Kim was the principal portfolio manager at Redwood Trust, a REIT that invested capital in non-investment grade securities securitized by jumbo residential mortgages. She was also responsible for building the firm’s $300 million leveraged portfolio of AAA mortgage-backed securities.

In 2000, Kim joined Charles Schwab as a principal portfolio manager where she:

  • Managed a $20 billion money market fund.
  • She focused on managing both liquidity and maximizing return potential and introduced for the first time the use of swaption derivatives in that fund.
  • When Schwab opened its bank, Jackson was also appointed co-manager of its $200 million whole loan portfolio.

Prior to these experiences, Kim started her career at BOFA as a trader, working in both the foreign exchange and investment banking businesses at BancAmerica Securities, where she marketed also fixed income securities to institutional investors and equity derivatives to high-net-worth individuals.

As a banker, she built trading relationships with large international counterparties, including the Central Banks of France and Algeria.

Industry Expertise:

Financial Services

Investment Management


Media & Communications

Consumer Goods & Services

Real Estate




  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • AI Marketing
  • B2B, B2C Marketing  
  • Brand & Content  
  • Market Research  
  • Paid Search  
  • Media & Advertising   
  •  SEO
  • Social Media
  • Video 


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