Pauline Saberola

Marketing Coordinator

Pauline Saberola

Marketing Coordinator


Pauline is Marketing Specialist with experience in content creation and social media management.

Meet Pauline

Pau is a marketing and lead generation specialist with a focus on digital marketing, content creation, social media management. She is also experienced in administrative work and as an executive assistant. 

Industry Expertise:


Industrial Sales

Senior Living







  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Consumer Research
  • Product Development, New
  • Product Launches
  • Joint Ventures
  • Virtual Team Leadership
  • Content Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Consumer Research | Segmentation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Positioning and Differentiation
  • Customer Journey
  • Revenue/Profit Growth
  • Digital Marketing
  • Events/Trade Shows
  • Go to market strategy | Attribution
  • Marketing Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Strategy


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