Many companies settle for marketing whenever they can get it done. They push out one campaign at a time based on current needs, then call it good until next time. It’s like giving a gift in pieces – you can’t use a machine or play a board game until you get all the pieces, right? Imagine how confusing it would be to get the pieces! It’s the same with marketing. Piecemeal marketing creates confusion with your audience and leaves gaps your competitors can swoop in and fill.


A better way is to bring all the pieces of your marketing together at the beginning of the process in what we call an “evergreen campaign.” It ensures the best awareness, the strongest lead generation, and the creation of a timeless foundation that supports all your marketing efforts.


One of the first things we do for clients at yorCMO is to create and launch an evergreen campaign to support all ongoing efforts. Here’s why this is so important:



No matter what product or service you sell, if your customer isn’t aware of it, they won’t buy it … period. This is the first critical step in the buying process. An evergreen campaign should keep your product name out there every day, week, month and year through a variety of mediums (the ones where your customers hang out). Then, when they need what you have to offer, your product is right there to solve their problem. If you’ve done your due diligence with a strong evergreen campaign, you will show up for them and your competitors won’t. You win.


Lead generation.

One of our core values at yorCMO is “Marketing Drives Sales”, and lead generation is usually the primary method of driving sales. It’s important that lead generation efforts work hand-in-hand with awareness efforts for the strongest appeal to your prospects. They feed off of each other if done correctly and produce better results, as well as maximizing your ad spend. The idea is to create a “whole package” that casts a wide net, makes a sharp impression, and reels in prospects.



Perhaps most important of all to your marketing efforts, an evergreen campaign becomes a foundation upon which you can build many other marketing strategies and tactics. Niche campaigns and secondary product campaigns, for example, can complement and draw upon the strength of your evergreen campaign for best results. You can enhance and adjust the evergreen campaign over time when necessary, but it becomes your mainstay. It is a solid foundation that creates ever-important consistency for your brand and builds trust with your audience.


We can help you analyze your market, create a suitable evergreen campaign, and then wrap a budget and advertising/content calendar around your brand to tie it up all nice and pretty. Once you create a professional, cohesive evergreen campaign, everything becomes easier (and it also helps maximize your budget). Give yourself and your business the gift of an evergreen campaign!

About the Author:

Jamie is a results-driven marketing leader with 20+ years of success developing strategic plans and innovative multi-channel marketing programs. Over her career she has helped B2B organizations with all aspects of marketing, including branding, corporate communications, public relations, content strategy, web, marketing automation, social media, digital/SEO and event marketing.

Jamie is based in the Washington DC Metro area and has orchestrated go-to-market strategies for clients in the professional services, training, government, information technology and financial services sectors.

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