Creation of company-wide marketing system brings more people home.

Nye Health Services ( is an award-winning, family-owned company that prides itself on making seniors feel at home across seven campuses in Nebraska and Wyoming. They tailor their services to each individual’s unique needs in a variety of areas including short-stay rehabilitation, traditional skilled care, independent and assisted living, outpatient, therapy, home care, respite care and eventually home health care. Decreasing occupancy numbers and a lack of marketing direction for all locations left Nye feeling as they were not focused on the right marketing and sales objectives to connect and engage with the communities they serve.

yorCMO helped Nye Health Services implement strategic marketing plans and processes to increase occupancy while aligning internal teams with Corporate business objectives.



Nye’s marketing challenge began when a reorganization eliminated its business development position, and dispersed those

responsibilities to multiple members of their leadership team. As resident occupancy numbers declined, it became clear that concrete marketing and growth plans were needed for all locations and digital visibility needed to be heightened. As Nye looked for partners to assist, they found that the agencies they met with were only looking to solve the short-term through advertising campaigns.



Nye partnered with yorCMO because of its strategic vision, aptitude to build the in-house marketing competency, and ability to put structure and accountability around marketing programs through adaptive and repeatable processes.

“The agencies we considered focused on ad campaigns, not strategy,” said Marcey Darmento, Nye Health Services’ Director of Human Resources and Marketing. “We needed a partner who could focus on what our landscape looked like, branding, and strategic procedures to improve our sales and marketing processes, advertising plans and to assist us with what our next steps should be.”

We implemented our marketing audit and strategic foundation process to determine the customer journey, align the team’s goals and actions, as well as document the activities between the seven locations, multiple service lines and home office.



Within three months of working with yorCMO, Nye Health Services saw a 20% increase in occupancy, averaged across all seven locations. This was obtained through consistency in marketing efforts (budget, message, process) at the local level. Several months later, the census remains strong and consistently above goal.

Today, each location effectively utilizes a clearly defined marketing process with budgets, accountabilities, and content development processes that aligns to company goals. Perhaps even more importantly, a good working relationship between the home offices and the individual locations has developed that is much more efficient and productive, and the team is more connected to each other than ever before.

yorCMO makes it a priority to become part of the team. “The working relationship I have with yorCMO has been phenomenal. I genuinely enjoy working with Jay and Joe, and know they have our best interest at heart,” said Darmento.

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About the Author:

Jay is co-founder of yorCMO.

Jay also founded Webtivity Group to help companies break through the confusion of how to effectively use their website and digital marketing efforts to meet their business objectives.

Jay is a successful digital marketing and ecommerce professional that helps companies across multiple industries grow revenue using a broad range of strategies. He has a deep understanding of the challenges companies face when trying to balance the diverse components of growing revenue across all marketing channels. He has been called “Tactegic” for his ability to blend strategic thinking and tactical execution to achieve measurable results.

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