Today’s guest is a data-driven performance marketing executive with over a decade of experience and demand generation. She’s grown and mentored lean marketing teams from scratch. She was named one of the 10 most inspiring women leaders in 2021 by I E R A Women Leaders Magazine. 


  • Back in the day, marketing was seen as a cost center but it has now flipped to be considered part of the revenue creators of a company. 
  • Demand generation is an end-to-end strategy tactic which leads the purchase funnel to sales to close. It is integrated across multiple channels of paid search and SEO among other channels.
  • Product marketing and demand generation work very closely together, and sometimes provide a wider reach than ARPR. Only after you have created a brand and have product knowledge will you then see it lead to demand generation.
  • When it comes to demand generation and marketing, you can’t have one without the other. Whether they are directly or loosely integrated, they need to work together to showcase success.
  • You need to have a mix between paid search or SEO Driven and getting leads at in person conferences or webinars. Both are necessary ways of trying to increase your sales funnel.
  • It’s important to maintain your brand awareness with any of your potential clients but you should also take note of if they are ready to buy now or not. If they aren’t ready yet, keep them in mind but they don’t get the same level of attention as someone who is ready now.
  • The advancement of AI technology has helped many marketers explore and test out new ideas, but it still is in an infancy stage and shouldn’t be considered the end all be all.

 Quote of the Show:

 “Product marketing and demand generation  go hand in glove.”

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