In this episode, Joseph Frost dives into the fascinating journey of K9 Resorts, a luxury dog boarding and daycare franchise, with co-founder Jason Parker and Dave Blanchard, a seasoned fractional Chief Marketing Officer from Your CMO.

They discuss the pivotal role of strategic marketing and the right team composition in scaling a business, especially in the post-pandemic era. Through insightful anecdotes and practical advice, listeners will gain valuable lessons on growth, marketing, and remote workforce integration.


  • The Power of the Right Team: Understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with capable individuals for business growth and scalability.
  • Fractional CMO Impact: How a fractional Chief Marketing Officer brings strategic insights and catalyzes significant growth in your business.
  • Hybrid Workforce Opportunities: Embracing flexibility in the workforce can unlock talent and opportunities previously unseen.
  • Cultural Collaboration: The crucial role of in-person interaction in establishing company culture and effectively integrating new team members.
  • Strategic Marketing for Franchises: Highlighting the necessity of detailed planning and strategic marketing for the success and profitability of franchisees.
  • Accelerating Profitability: How digital marketing strategies and pre-opening sales initiatives can significantly shorten the path to profitability for new locations.
  • Grassroots Marketing: The importance of local community engagement and grassroots efforts for franchisees to ensure success.
  • Brand Messaging and Rebranding: The impact of rebranding and clarifying brand messaging to resonate with customer values and expectations.

Quote of the Show:

“The transition to a more digital and remote marketing strategy isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessary evolution to stay relevant and effective in today’s market.” -Jason Parker


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