Branding your business is important and most business owners understand this. Unfortunately, many small and midsize businesses are not thinking about or executing brand building in the right way. And this is preventing them from growing faster.  

Research shows that 90% of consumers expect a consistent brand experience across all your marketing channels.  

Yet 10% of B2B organizations say their brand experience is consistent. Personally, using your logo, fonts, colors, and other tactical branding elements consistently isn’t the issue. The core issue is the lack of authenticity.  

One of our clients, a boutique tax and accounting firm, had been spending a considerable amount of time and money working with vendors to create a website for the brand and update their brand identity elements – Logos, Fonts, Colors, Images, etc. However, when they brought Rich Taylor as their Fractional CMO he quickly realized the issue was not in the branding items, but in the approach.

Learn how Rich helped his client:

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