In the beginning days of running a business, you do nearly everything yourself. But when business starts taking off, you’ll find you need to prioritize your focus. Certain things need your devoted focus, others not at all. But everything still needs to get done.

Marketing is one of those non-negotiables. Implementing your marketing strategies and tracking your analytics to ensure they align with your sales goals are too important to your business to fall by the wayside of busy days. 

So you look for part-time marketing help. Someone who can run the social media pages or write the blogs or take over the lead generation. Your accountant tells you that you can’t afford another full-time employee, but good part-time help is hard to find.

It seems that freelancers are hit or miss with their unregimented schedules. Remote workers are time-consuming to manage from afar. And no part-timer seems to want to stick around for long. You can’t help but think that getting the tactical marketing work done right in your business shouldn’t feel this hard.

Luckily, more and more growth-minded CEOs have found a way to get an experienced marketing professional who makes it easy to get ahead of the competition for less: Marketing MVPs. 

The Secret Advantage Of Marketing MVPs

Part marketing professional, part virtual assistant Marketing MVPs serve as the best marketing team you didn’t know you had. 

Working in tandem, an experienced fractional Chief Marketing Officer develops the high-level strategy and the marketing virtual assistant executes the tactics of that strategy.

It’s a new system that’s giving growth-minded CEOs the professional marketing they need – but for a fraction of the cost that a freelancer or traditional agency would charge.

Thinking a Marketing MVP sounds hard to find? yorCMO, the go-to marketing experts for growth-minded CEOs, does all the screening, interviewing, hiring, training, and onboarding for you – so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting affordable marketing professionals who are knowledgeable about your business niche.

Matt Fatka, CEO of Highway Signing, experienced this with Marketing MVP, Jorge.

“Jorge has proven to be tremendously efficient, reliable, and professional. He has shown great initiative and has risen to several challenges in our fast-paced business environment.”

But What Does A Marketing MVP Do?

Honestly, a little bit of everything. As a sort of marketing-specific virtual assistant, they work with market-specific knowledge and results-driven analysis to bring in new business.

A Marketing MVP can gather contact lists, break the ice with leads, and follow up with new business, all at a lower cost than other marketing alternatives. 

They can also take the reins on:

  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter creation
  • SEO targeting
  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing
  • LinkedIn ads and management
  • Blog management
  • Social media management
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Event planning
  • Website support
  • Design work
  • Lead generation
  • and more

Find With Your Perfect-Fit Marketing MVP in 4 Easy Steps

1. Ask the experts. 

Sharing your marketing needs with an expert on a quick consult call is the best first step to determining if a Marketing MVP is the best option for your business.

2. Answer essential questions. 

Your assessment will include a few internal interviews and a review of your marketing landscape to determine the right roles and responsibilities for your Marketing MVP. 

3. Get matched.

Using your specific marketing needs, our team will customize the search for your perfect-fit Marketing MVP. Then we’ll screen and present candidates for you to approve before beginning the onboarding process for you in a way that ensures a productive – and lasting – relationship. 

The Bottom Line

It’s time to stop the revolving door and ensure your marketing is getting done right. With leadership from a fractional CMO and clear KPIs, yorMarketingMVP is sure to excel and meet all your marketing goals.

Ready to get matched with a yorMarketing MVP who is right for you and your marketing goals?