Many companies in the retail sector have faced problems with cart and browse abandonment. Our client, a company providing marketing materials to realtors and other participants in the real estate industry, was experiencing two distinct but related issues.

     1.- Customers were browsing products inside their website but did NOT add products to their cart.

     2.- Second, if customers did add products to their cart, they did not finalize their purchase.

When the company engaged the services of yorCMO, Jay Gordman, yorCMO co-founder, stepped in as their Fractional CMO.

During the audit process, which included buyer interviews and an extensive survey, Jay discovered a high level of cart abandonment and a high volume of people who browsed products but left before making a purchase.

These issues indicated a need to make changes in the checkout process, as well as the overall user experience when purchasing through the site.

With this concerning trend of customers leaving their carts behind and not adding products to their carts, Jay switched gears to focus on creating a strategic initiative to retain lost sales opportunities.

 Dive into the strategic plan that was set in motion.


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How One Company Optimized Its Digital Sales Funnel to Minimize Cart and Browse Abandonment