Jay Gordman

CMO & Co-Founder

Jay Gordman has been called “Tactegic” for his ability to blend strategic thinking and tactical execution to achieve measurable results.

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Meet Jay

Jay Gordman is a successful 20+ year marketing professional helping companies across multiple industries grow revenue and profits using a broad range of marketing and sales strategies.  He has a deep understanding of the challenges companies face when trying to balance the diverse components of growing revenue through a complex web of marketing and sales channels.  

Jay’s happy place is on his bike, especially climbing mountain passes or riding the single tracks.  Family time is important to him especially power walking with his wife, Allison or watching his boys play soccer.

How Jay has helped clients…

  • Developed a new marketing campaign plan and enhanced the digital brand experience for a multi-location senior living company that grew census over 25%.
  • Adjusted marketing plan and arranged seasonal advertising spend to better reach target audience during prime buyer seasons resulting in 20% growth.
  • Implemented an inside sales process, refined their sales steps, and created marketing messaging to leverage in the appropriate sales steps which drove over 40 introductory meetings in 90 days.
  • Developed a customer retention program for a multi-location dental practice that resulted in 70 additional appointments during the second slowest month of the year. This program is now utilized monthly to re-engage inactive patients
  • Grew eCommerce sales by 33% and profits by 300% by creating a simpler shopping experience and developing new digital channels including pay-per-click and affiliate marketing

Industry Expertise

  • Fitness
  • Senior Living
  • Medical/Dental
  • IT/Software
  • Industrial Sales
  • Start-ups
  • Retail
  • eCommerce


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital/Social Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Plan and Budget Development
  • Brand Strategy & Management
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Software Evaluation and Integration
  • Executive and Marketing Team Coaching



  • Bachelors – Marketing/Marketing Management, Arizona State University

Published Works

Franchise Marketing: How a Proven Process Leads to Success

Franchise Marketing: How a Proven Process Leads to Success

Some franchisees are very engaged in marketing while many are not, leading to irregularities and varying performances. Though providing franchisees some flexibility is essential, it’s also vital to ensure that there is consistency in each franchisees’ marketing strategies.

CMO Services: Helping Knock Down Roadblocks to Drive Growth

CMO Services: Helping Knock Down Roadblocks to Drive Growth

A well-crafted, sustainable marketing campaign is at the core of every successful business.
But while large companies have resources for entire marketing teams, smaller ones typically don’t, and finding the time to research, strategize, and execute successful campaigns is no easy task when you have a business to run.

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