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Recognizing it’s time for a change is something all companies will have to contend with at some point.  

For one fractional CFO company, they had no trouble realizing they had outgrown their initial brand. The problem was that they weren’t sure how to actually move forward with a new brand identity—while maintaining the essence of who they always were to avoid confusion. 

The company has over 10 years in the market, offering fractional chief financial officer services to law firms and other industries. It goes without saying the company was well-established, which can cause some hesitation when a brand overhaul becomes unavoidable.  

This was when the company reached out to Fractional CMO Nanda Grandison for help keeping the heart of their business intact while rebranding to fit the evolving needs of the business. Let’s cover the approach, the results, and why the rebrand was so successful.

Dive into the strategic plan that was set in motion.

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Fractional CFO Company Unlocks Its Full Brand Potential

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