Many companies think their brand is just the sum of their products, benefits, and promises. However, one of our clients realized they needed a brand refresh to grow and acquire new customers.

Our client, a successful family-owned wholesale plumbing company saw and portrayed their  brand in a very rational way: “Quality Plumbing Products.” Over many years they grew the business and communicated to customers that they carried brand name parts from all the leading manufacturers, offered fair prices, served customers from 11 different locations, and delivered helpful service. This story seemed to serve them well. 

But as the company looked to further growth they faced a challenge. Finding and attracting new customers to serve. The factual story and message they relied on only got them so far.

This is when, fractional CMO Rich Taylor, stepped in and established a process to interview customers and uncover how they feel about a brand and business. 

Click below and discover how Rich helped his client:

Using Emotion to Achieve Better Marketing Results