As a business owner or top executive for your company, you know the concept of “wearing many hats” and probably know it well. In addition to leading the Company, you may carry such roles as business development, marketing, sales, HR, etc. on your shoulders.  In our experience, clients with an “& anything” title ultimately focus their energy on the first aspect of their title. This often means that the “& whatever” part of your responsibilities is neglected, or at best an afterthought. In our business, we work with a lot of “& Marketers” and have come to learn a thing or two about this particular hat.

You may be an “& Marketer” if you:

  • Are pressed for adequate time to manage the company’s marketing because you are busy running other departments or the overall business.
  • Lack time to manage vendors and ensure you are getting the most value out of them, for your marketing investment.
  • Have uncertainty regarding whether marketing program results are aligned to business-goals and truly driving sales.  
  • Find it challenging to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Ever-changing technology makes marketing a very exciting field, with seemingly endless opportunities and possibilities.

As an “& Marketer,” you may be realizing it is essential to have dedicated marketing personnel in order for your business to reach its potential. However, you may not have the budget to hire a full-time marketing leader. Or you may not have the time to properly vet candidates and onboard a new employee. In this case, outsourcing your “& Marketing” hat to a fractional marketing leader, such as yorCMO, could be the answer to support growing business.

Fractional marketing experts have extensive professional knowledge of marketing, create integrated strategies that align with your sales efforts, and implement those marketing strategies for your business. Having someone at the marketing helm who understands your target customers and specific marketplace in depth, creates an appropriate, targeted strategy that aligns with your goals, and then sticks around to make sure that strategy is carried out.

A current yorCMO client stated the following reasons as to why they chose to move to fractional marketing:

  • Wanted someone with marketing expertise to optimize their current marketing efforts and improve upon them, while NOT losing out on past investments and successes.
  • Lacked the time needed to be able to fully commit to marketing.
  • Desired someone with knowledge of the ins-and-outs of marketing technology – not someone green, lacking experience.
  • Needed a “partner” to own the marketing seat and align with their business process, a partner who could contribute the expertise they were missing.

Is it time for you to take off the “& Marketing” hat? If you’d like to learn how fractional marketing can help your business, Let’s chat!

About the Author:

Jamie is a results-driven marketing leader with 20+ years of success developing strategic plans and innovative multi-channel marketing programs. Over her career she has helped B2B organizations with all aspects of marketing, including branding, corporate communications, public relations, content strategy, web, marketing automation, social media, digital/SEO and event marketing.

Jamie is based in the Washington DC Metro area and has orchestrated go-to-market strategies for clients in the professional services, training, government, information technology and financial services sectors.

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