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When you engage with a marketing professional—no matter what industry you are in—you expect one, simple thing: that they know what your company does.

But for our client, Ab DeWeese, Founder of a Texas-based engineering services company this was not his experience whatsoever.

After engaging with multiple marketing professionals for various projects, one thing he consistently came away with was a sense that no one truly understood what his company does.

When that happens, business leaders can come away feeling like they have had to invest more time and effort into simply educating marketers about who they are and what they do—and that’s time many folks just don’t have.


So, when our client realized his company could benefit from a better understanding of who their potential buyers were, he reached out to yorCMO Fractional CMO Lisa Sperow to do the hard work for him.

Did it work this time? Keep reading to find out. 


First, a Quick Note on Buyer Personas


Like a lot of companies, our client wanted a better sense of who their target buyer was—and often, the motivations and behaviors of those buyers change.

You might have conducted a buyer persona assessment at some point, but as economic climates, budgets, technologies, and emerging channels shift, so will your buyers. They will want newer things, demand better solutions, and face an entirely new set of challenges that your offerings may be uniquely suited to solve for them.

Having buyer insights—that is, information about what your potential buyers want and how they engage with companies like yours—is precisely what you need to figure out who your target buyer is. Targeting the right people with the right information can give you a better chance of making the kind of impact you want.

But getting those insights involves interviewing potential buyers and asking them important questions, such as: What triggers you to search for a solution? What does your decision-making process look like? What sorts of problems is your organization facing? What stands in the way of you making a purchase? 

Buyer interviews simply aren’t something many organizations have the time or resources to do. That’s why smart companies seek out help to do that important work for them.


CMOs Who Actually Get It, So You Can Focus on the Big Picture


For buyer interviews and the insights that come as a result of those interviews to be actually useful, the CMO doing the work needs to truly understand your organization. Otherwise, they’re shooting questions into the dark.

For our client there was no doubt: “Lisa knows exactly what we do.”

There’s an enormous amount of relief that comes with working with a leader who understands your organization like it’s their own. Ab DeWeese, founder, says: “When [Lisa] came into the first meeting, she took charge and knew exactly what to do. I got to relax.”

Listen to Ab explain his experience working with Lisa and the process he experienced:


Buyer interviews, while hugely important, can be taxing on an organization. Having the expertise of a Fractional CMO can lend you the buyer insights you need to accomplish things like:

  • Improving your company’s messaging and advertising strategies
  • Shortening your sales cycle
  • Targeting decision-makers on a more granular level
  • Generating high-quality leads
  • Giving you an edge over competitors
  • Fast-tracking your profit and overall success

When you get the information you need about your buyers, doing the next important steps becomes simpler

Better Insights for Easier Decisions

When Lisa and Ab went over the results of the buyer interviews, Ab was impressed at just how spot-on the answers were. He said he didn’t need to “follow up, analyze, or dig in.” He just needed to digest the information.

When you get the results of your own buyer interviews, you’re likely to experience many of the feelings Ab did. Some of the insights will likely reinforce what you already know about your buyers, what they want, and what challenges you could solve for them.

Some insights will crystallize ideas you thought you knew about your buyer. But some insights will completely surprise you and have you thinking: “How did we miss this?”

That’s the power of well-researched buyer personas.

With all that information at your disposal, Ab says: “You’ll be able to make a pretty obvious decision…about whether to engage or not.”

When you know the needs and motivations of your potential buyers, you’ll know who’s most likely to benefit from your solutions and offerings. That’s when you strike with targeted messaging and better-informed sales tactics that can help you convert faster than ever.

How yorCMO Conducts Buyer Interviews

You’ve heard about Ab Deweese’s experience with Lisa, but you might be asking: “How does the whole buyer interview process work, and what can I expect?”

In a nutshell, yorCMO will help you better align marketing and sales by conducting buyer interviews with customers who have gone through the buyer’s journey for your offerings, so you can better understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

From there, you get a comprehensive report with buyer insights featuring key takeaways and recommendations for next steps to engage with those buyers.

An experienced Fractional CMO will first meet with you to explain the process and set you up for success. Then, they’ll conduct the interviews.

Finally, you get the insights you need to start making informed marketing and sales decisions. Simple!

Get Actionable Buyer Insights

You’re sitting on a goldmine of untapped buyer potential. Make sure you’re getting exactly the information you need to target customers appropriately, so you can increase conversations and drive profits in record time.

Check out the buyer personas page to learn more about yorCMO’s process and watch Ab Deweese’s first-hand account of the buyer interview experience.

Then, reach out to us to schedule a quick introductory call with one of our experienced CMOs. They’ll be with you every step of the way and help you turn insights into action.

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