Today’s guest has a diverse experience in marketing sales, operations, and product development. He serves awesome leaders and helps them drive up scalable growth, and helps others to realize their full potential. Trevor Turnbull is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Singhbull Ventures. Trevor joins host Joseph Frost to discuss the process of building a diverse global workforce, and the challenges remote workers in different time zones face.


  • In the last two years, the world changed drastically. You can either recognize it and leverage it, or ignore it and slowly fade away. 
  • One way to help remote workers in different time zones is to figure out work they can do autonomously in their own time zone.
  • It is essential to consider the human element of your team when creating a work environment for them. Create an environment that is conducive to your remote workers getting to enjoy their out-of-work activities.
  • It is important to accommodate the different challenges remote workers may face in different geographical locations. While a company in California might have sunny weather all year, a worker in Vermont could lose internet during strong snowstorms in the winter.
  • With the proper setup, the new digital workspace can allow you to set up a talented globally diverse workforce. 
  • While part-time remote workers have their benefits, hiring full-time employees can lead to a better quality of work, and a happier employee
  • You need to have a commitment to the retention of your current employees. 

Quote of the Show:

“Getting connected to the human beings, I think is a critical component to all of this” – Trevor Turnbull

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