Simon Chappuzeau is the Founder and Managing Director of StoryLux. He’s built communities from the ground up, starting in the film industry, and is currently building communities focused on the blockchain and coaching entrepreneurs. He specializes in bringing people together both virtually and in person. Simon joins host Joseph Frost on this week’s episode to talk about overcoming the challenges of building online communities, creating authentic connections, and understanding the right time to reach out.


  • When developing your marketing strategy, don’t reinvent the wheel. Working with an expert in the field who understands your product and needs will be easier than figuring it out yourself. 
  • If you really want to help people get what they want to be done, start from a place of genuine interest and curiosity. Once you identify the problem and how it affects them, you can begin to solve it. 
  • When building a community, many people prioritize the number of members rather than the value their members get. A community of 50 where each member gets value is stronger than a community of 5000 where very few get value. 
  • While building a community online can be challenging, the ability to connect with members outside of your immediate geographic community is a major advantage. 
  • When choosing a platform for your community, don’t focus on features alone. The best platform is the one that best brings out the personality of your community members.
  • While your prospect may be a good fit for your product, they might not be ready to speak to you. It’s ok to circle back with them at a more opportune time. 
  • While community building takes more time compared to setting up Google ads, a community can carry its own momentum, an ad campaign cannot.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Is the person you are trying to reach out to ready to speak to you? Are they ready for what you have to offer?”


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