Recently Brandie Rezac, one of our fractional CMOs shared a client success story with our team during our weekly success call. The story was about the challenge her client, a regional foundation and concrete repair contractor had during a recent transition, trying to determine the best way to communicate / market surrounding the acquisition. She was asked to get involved and based on previous research about the company being acquired, decided the best approach for the company’s future marketing efforts.

What she discovered on the market research was the newly acquired company had a strong brand position in the market, and that there was a need for some real strategy during the rebrand to not lose that equity. The solution was taking advantage of the acquired company’s upcoming 25th anniversary celebration, and to launch the rebrand during and around that ceremony. This event will provide the perfect opportunity to communicate the new brand, while reinforcing the longevity and stability of the company in the market.

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About the Author:

Brandie Allen-Rezac has over 25 years’ experience in corporate marketing working at both Fortune 500 and small businesses. Throughout her career, she has helped B2B organizations with all aspects of marketing, including branding, digital and traditional marketing strategy, web and SEO, content marketing, digital and social media, and event marketing.

She knows how to leverage dynamic talents across all marketing disciplines to conceptualize, develop, and execute marketing and advertising strategies to achieve corporate goals.  She is a creative problem solver, with the ability to identify process gaps and implement proven marketing solutions in order to drive revenue growth.

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