yorCMO is pleased to announce the addition of Chad Person, a seasoned marketing executive with specialized expertise in professional services as one of the newest Fractional CMOs.

I love being a catalyst for success. I enjoy bringing people, process, and technology together to raise the bar on business performance.

I also enjoy investing and coaching others to achieve success – Chad Person 

Chad Person, a strategic business and marketing leader, with more than 20 years of experience leading marketing and sales initiatives for B2B enterprises with a special emphasis on professional services joins our team as a Fractional CMO.

He has a track record of helping growth-minded professional services firms align their revenue goals with their marketing investment to achieve predictable and sustainable growth. 

CChad’s experience spans a wide array of advisory services including accounting and financial, HR consulting, education and training, process improvement, technology development and security consulting.

He is a highly accomplished, solutions-oriented, and strategic thinker who has demonstrated success in orchestrating and implementing world-class marketing strategies and campaigns to drive customer awareness, interest, conversion, and growth.

Recipient of Multiple Industry Awards

Chad Person outstanding work has received national recognition. He has been the recipient of several awards from the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) for E-Communications, Branding, Recruiting Strategy and Integrated Digital Marketing categories. 

As an intuitive strategist, Chad has specialized in building and leading marketing teams, setting the goals and objectives of marketing departments, researching the voice of consumers and integrating key insights into innovative product ideas.

His proven capabilities in creating consistent and cohesive messaging for target audiences and articulating a compelling story, while developing and launching scalable processes that drive marketing success, have been praised by clients and companies he has helped in previous roles.

Another key aspect in his career, is his extensive experience in leading, mentoring, empowering, and inspiring a high-performing marketing team across brand, communications, content, and product marketing. Chad is skilled in working cross-functionally and globally with the ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders in multicultural environments.

Prior to joining yorCMO, as the CMO for a top CPA and Business Consulting firm, he was hand-picked by senior management to be the architect of the marketing and sales infrastructure building it from scratch. He was able to cultivate a friendly culture and bring clarity, visibility to vision, mission, and core values.

The firm’s revenue doubled (from 50 million to 100 million) during his tenure, he boosted the pipeline by 300% on a YoY basis and, increased organization’s wallet-share of advisory services from existing clients by more than 10 million in 2 years.

For an HR Consulting and Training company, Chad generated $3.1M in sales pipeline by implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy and achieved a 300% increase in marketing-generated SQLs and a 230% increase in inbound marketing leads within one year.  

His analytical and detail-oriented work has established his reputation as a marketer with strong brand instincts and a solid understanding of the sales pipeline, key drivers, and the role of marketing across operations. Among his core competencies, Chad excels in strategic vision development, training, market research and analysis, data-driven decision making, customer engagement and retention, among a broad realm of other marketing specialties.

His industry’s experience includes:

  • CPA and Advisory 
  • Technology Enablement  
  • VAR 
  • IT Security 
  • HR Consulting 
  • Education & Training 
  • B2B  

The yorCMO difference

At yorCMO we see an opportunity to help businesses that are struggling to align marketing and sales with their goals and objectives. The marketing strategies our Fractional CMO’s develop and execute help close this knowledge and performance gap. Our clients gain clarity into their marketing initiatives while producing more leads, sales, and revenue for their business.

Our proven process and fiduciary partnership model has been crafted with top marketing executives and tested time and again with out clients. This repeatable process is dependable enough for predictable growth, yet flexible enough to accommodate your unique marketing needs and it is designed to support B2B and B2C companies regardless of size or industry offering instant access to C-Level talent with highly customized and flexible engagements.

Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you achieve your business goals: info@yorcmo.com

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