This week’s guest has been studying sales and communication skills since 1997. He’s building a network of leaders and business owners who support each other and created the resistance removal sales system. Mike Irving is the Founder and Elite Performance Business Coach at Advanced Business Abilities. Mike joins the show this week all the way from Perth, Australia, to talk with Joe about establishing a mindset for successful leadership, setting realistic goals for yourself, and getting rid of frustration.


  • We all have to deal with irate customers or frustrating meetings. When you feel that moment approaching, take time to collect your thoughts and take a deep breath.
  • Taking “extreme ownership” over the things you do is the first step to developing your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. 
  • To make changes, you must first be willing to confront the things that need to be changed. 
  • There are two types of goals: objective goals which are specific and measurable, and subjective goals which are not measurable and result in moving goal posts. 
  • The five phrases that lead to expectations are: have to, need to, should, gotta, and must.  
  • When you have an expectation of what should happen, and you don’t hit it, frustration sets in, and you become unable to think clearly or communicate effectively. 
  • No matter how advanced technology gets, there will always be a need for human-to-human interaction.  

Quote of the Show:

“When you are willing to inspect, that’s when you are able to change.” – Mike Irving



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