Today’s guest is a business owner and powerful leader of a remote-first company who is passionate about building a well-rounded company. Neil Emeigh is the CEO of Rayobyte. On this week’s episode host Joe Frost sits down with his good friend Neil to talk about creating a culture in a remote work environment and how to best support remote employees.


  • While tools and processes have caught up to a remote work style, company culture has yet to adapt fully.
  • While online calendars have made it easy to schedule meetings with coworkers, it has made it that much easier to interrupt someone’s productivity. Meetings show up on a schedule, tasks don’t.
  • In a remote business, having in-person events that workers from all over can come to is essential. In-person yearly retreats or kickoff events should be a mandatory expense on your budget. 
  • There is immense value in finding time to meet with clients in person if possible. In-person meetings often lead to stronger client relationships and better client referrals.
  • In a remote environment, support for your employees will differ in both the support provided and how you let them know they are supported. 
  • As a remote company, establishing and emphasizing your core values will help unify employees and give a clearer sense of direction for leadership. 
  • If you take a step back and delegate when leading employees, you give them space to flourish in their roles and have an increased sense of agency.

Quote of the Show:

  • “How does the team know that we really do have their back? How do we embody that connection?” – Neil Emeigh



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