Everyone says “social is where it’s at.” You have no doubt they’re right, but your attempts at developing a digital or social media marketing plan for your business feel overwhelming at best.  

What if you don’t have enough money to make an impact? Or worse, what if you shovel funds into a poorly executed plan? And how do you even decide who – and how – to target?

You feel overwhelmed by the investment options, but failing to proceed with a plan is no longer an option. If you want to drive long-term growth in your business, implementing an effective digital ad social marketing strategy is the place to start. 

Why You Need A Digital/Social Marketing Strategy

 Consider this perspective: The breadth of options available. should not overwhelm you. This is a chance to capitalize on access to all those choices. 

Now you can implement an efficient, comprehensive, and customized plan that tells your unique brand story to your specific target audience. It’s an important step in growing your business in the modern world.

The 6 Benefits Of An Effective Social Strategy

  • Broader reach 

You no longer have to be limited geographically (unless you choose to serve particular geographic areas – and that’s up to your particular business.) Social allows you to grow your business’s market by reaching out to an audience located anywhere in the world.

  • More cost-efficient 

Without the added costs of physical overhead, social gives you more flexibility for your ad spend. Your money goes directly toward contacting your target audience.

  • Easier to quantify

With social media advertising, results monitoring is easier than ever. The number of desired actions (clicks, opens, purchases) you get are automatically tracked for you.  

  • More customizable

Arguably, the best part about social media advertising is the ability to craft an ad that is precisely designed for a specific target audience. This is your chance for them to feel like you are speaking directly to them and their interests, needs, desires, etc. 

  • Connection-oriented 

With real-time communication, you can create genuine connections with your target audience. And their likes/comments/shares only serve to increase your visibility, giving you even more back for your ad bucks. 

  • Most convenient conversions

Maybe they buy immediately. Or maybe they save it for later. Maybe they join your email list. No matter what action they take, conversions have never been so easy or convenient. With one simple click, you’re able to move consumers along the sales funnel. And that’s pretty great.

Who Can Benefit From A Digital/Social Marketing Plan

The best part about digital and social marketing is that anyone can benefit from a strategic and well-developed plan. No matter the budget, digital/social marketing can deliver a real impact on your business.

Even if you begin with a small ad budget, digital and social marketing is easily scalable as your marketing investment can grow with the increased prosperity your plan brings. 

How Your Digital/Social Marketing Plan Will Look

Let’s begin with the foundation of your social media plan: Facebook and/or Instagram. By far, these two are the best platforms for reaching any consumer, but which one or both is used will be determined by your target audience. 

The majority of media time is spent on mobile devices, and the majority of mobile usage is on Facebook and Instagram. By leveraging a mix of standard and video ads, you’ll be able to drive brand awareness and engagement up with ease. 

Then we’ll move on to other platforms. Native teaser ads on platforms like Nativo can create interest in learning more about the brand.  On Nativo, full-page native articles offer 2 minutes of brand engagement and provide a large canvas for telling your brand story. 

YouTube can deliver sight, sound, and impact to your targeted audience through digital advertising.  An estimated 95% of YouTube ads play “in view” (which is far above Facebook or industry averages). According to Ipsos eye-tracking research, people pay 1.8x more attention to video ads on YouTube than on other digital platforms (and more than twice as much as they do to ads on TV!)  

The Bottom Line

Following a simple Digital / Social plan with any level of budget can successfully drive awareness, brand engagement, and conversion for your business. Hiring the right professional can ensure you start with strategy and end with unprecedented growth for your business.

Learn how Eric can help you align your marketing moves with your revenue goals and give you clarity for continued, predictable growth.

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Eric has a prominent track record of propelling vision and ideas into action and results. With vast experience in both B2B and B2C across multiple industries, he has the unique ability to create the clarity and urgency that propels organizations towards higher levels of success. 

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