When giving feedback are you telling people the facts or just your opinion?

Today’s guest is an author of six books on organizational communication and change, an expert in honest communication and resolving conflict, and a national speakers association certified speaking professional. Steven Gaffney is the President and CEO of the Steven Gaffney Company. Steven joins the show this week to sit down with Joe and discuss how to be a more effective communicator, give better feedback, and build stronger teams.



  • The biggest problem in team relationships isn’t what people do say, it’s what they don’t say.
  • When giving feedback to a coworker, simply telling them they dropped the ball is a good way to hurt their feelings. It’s important to explain that your intentions arent to offend them, but rather to help them succeed.
  • As a leader, it’s not enough to make employees feel comfortable giving feedback. You need to listen to honest feedback and initiate a quick solution to problems that are brought up.
  • Give feedback using facts not opinions. 
  • Teams win or lose together, and committees win or lose individually. Building an effective team requires a collaborative effort to address issues. 
  • Know your north star PGS (Purpose, goals, strategy) 
  • Debate isn’t the problem, not resolving the debate is the problem.  

Quote of the Show:

“Great teams produce great performers, but great performers don’t necessarily produce great teams” – Steven Gaffney



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