Mike Franz is the Founder & CEO at Manufactoringpower.com He’s a passionate start up leader who mixes his strong family values with growth and profitability. Mike talks about the importance of communication and having a clear process for your company. Mike joins host Joseph Frost to talk about some of the innovations he sees in the c-suite. 


  • Everyday, you have to keep moving forward and keep trying. Once you stop moving forward your company is likely to go under.
  • It’s OK to ask for help and admit that you might not know the answer to something. That can help you grow as an individual.
  • A fractional professional can help you to better understand an area that you might not be the strongest in.
  • Don’t be afraid to look outside your organization for help. A fractional professional has worked with many companies and can bring a fresh perspective to your organization.
  • When deciding on choosing a fractional professional, you should consider your top three things you are looking for in a fractional employee.
  • If you are a fractional professional, you want to avoid leading with a tactic. It comes off as spam and like a bad sales pitch.
  • You need to have a proven process and show it to your potential customers. Having that will make the client trust you and be more likely to go for your services

 Quote of the Show:

 29:57 “In talking with marketing folks or, it doesn’t matter who we’ve talked to any sort of outside service, that’s one thing that I’ve learned over the past two years is if they don’t have a proven process that they can execute and deliver, I have a hard time even really talking to them.”


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