Michael Carter is a Fractional CMO at yorCMO. He’s a lifelong marketer of technology products and services. Michael is a sought after conference speaker, published author. He sees how marketing has changed over the years and noticed that the c-suite level is slow to adapt to these changes. Michael sits down with host Joseph Frost to talk about marketing strategies and how other members of the c-suite can make their marketing direction better.


  • The way that marketing has changed is something that hasn’t entirely translated into the c-suite level yet.
  • Going to conferences and trade shows and spending a lot of money on a booth and manpower is an old style of marketing that isn’t as strong as having a conversation with your customer. 
  • When a VC is investing in your company, they aren’t necessarily interested in a spreadsheet but more about if you can use the money on marketing wisely and answer their questions.
  • People trust reviews that they read online, so word of mouth has changed to online reviews but is still a marketing strategy. 
  • A lot of software today is sold on a subscription basis but with that strategy you have to win that customer every month or year.
  • At the highest level of a company, you want to make sure that everyone is working together and are on the same page.
  • It’s ok to constructively disagree with someone, even if they are the CEO. This helps to make sure that the company is being well balanced.

Quote of the Show:

3:16 The last 10 years of my career has been conferences. They cost an enormous amount of money. It was always very difficult to understand any kind of one-to-one out of what came out of that and you sent 12 sales guys and you buy some booth space and a sponsorship, and then, you know, $40,000 later, you’re not sure what you got for your money or in some cases far more money than that.”


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