Will Scott is the Founder & Actuator at The Culture Fix Academy. He’s also the author of “The Culture Fix”. He’s dedicated to helping coaches accelerate their consulting practices, and is passionate about having a positive culture. Will joins host Joseph Frost to talk about the latest innovations in the c-suite and how a good culture can change a company for the better. 


  • C-suite leaders often delay investing into their culture because they have other priorities, but this leads to the issue of the culture not being maintained and falling apart. 
  • If you talk with 100 employees and 90 of them give you a number value on how the culture of the company is, that can provide you with helpful information of where you might need to change.
  • Turnover is a big reflection of the culture. If you are suffering from a high turnover rate, then it could be because the culture doesn’t keep people invested.
  • Your company needs strong core values that are unique to your company and meaningful as well.
  • Your culture can be what separates you from your competitors and other companies who are doing the same thing as you.
  • A good leader exemplifies all the core values of the company and hires people based on the core values.
  • If you are struggling for content, ask your employees what they think about the core values and that can be great content. 

Quote of the Show:

0:56 “I still experience C-suite leaders often delaying investing in their culture because they have other priorities.I try and encourage them to think about if you put culture first, revenues and profits are going to come more easily because you’ll get your team working together better.”


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