As a new addition to a team, getting up to speed with the company culture can be a challenge. When you’re a fractional CMO, that challenge is compounded. Harrison Ryder is an innovative industry mind, a highly skilled strategist, and an outsourced VP of Sales at Sales Xceleration. Harrison joins Joe to talk about some of the challenges the sales force faces in the new hybrid landscape, and how fractional CMOs can overcome the cultural challenges they face when joining a new team. 


  • The culture of a company is what will ultimately direct the value and results that a company will add to the marketplace. 
  • Make sure the company culture reaches all corners of the business. Teams that feel separated from the culture will also feel separated from the success they drive. 
  • A clear sense of accountability is a kind act. When accountability is ambiguous, it creates unnecessary stress and confusion. 
  • Having a clear schedule for meetings where everyone knows what they need to bring prepared is an important way to ensure the company culture reaches hybrid employees
  • It’s hard to replicate an in-person connection. Building in-person retreats or meet-ups into the company culture will help improve the collaboration of a team. 
  • As a Fractional CMO, it is crucial to demonstrate the value you are providing to the companies you are working with. 
  • Good skills to look for in a potential outsourced provider are: someone who knows how to listen to the client in terms of what they are saying, and what they aren’t saying. 

Quote of the Show:

  • “my most successful engagements are when there is that in-person component.” – Harrison Ryder


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