Today’s guest got his start in particle physics and now coaches businesses. He has a focus on helping businesses deliver cleaner products and greener services. Garrick Villaume is Owner and Principal at Physical Systems Inc. Garrick and Joe chat on this week’s episode about creating a people-focused business environment, and how businesses can create a better world for those to come. 



  • Overtracking of actions taken by workers is ultimately going to hurt businesses.
  • The use of technology in business has as many potential benefits as it does potential consequences. When implementing technology, it is important to not let positives blind us to potential misuse.   
  • The main focus of business should be to make the world a better place for those to come. 
  • All businesses, organizations, technologies, and processes begin and end with people.
  • While many businesses may tout their values, they also need to live and act through their values.
  • When working with a global workforce, you need to make sure you communicate information in a way that can be understood.
  • It’s important to not let best hold better hostage. While you may want to do your best work, it’s crucial to not let that get in the way of implementing options that are better than what you currently have. 

Quote of the Show:

  • “I want to emphasize my view that it’s all about people.” – Garrick Villaume


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