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Hiring strategic marketing services for your business is how your company can inexpensively gain a competitive advantage in the industry of your niche.

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time position, taking the step to outsource marketing by hiring a fractional CMO could be just what your small business needs to reach your target market compellingly.

If your marketing efforts have not been creating sufficient sales conversions, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Read more about strategic marketing services and find out the benefits of outsourcing your marketing needs.

What are Strategic Marketing Services?

Hiring strategic marketing services is a way of outsourcing your marketing strategy to an expert in the field.

A strategic marketing service offers a fresh perspective while creating a customized marketing plan that enables you to successfully compete within your market niche.

Hiring strategic marketing services for your company means you can have the expertise of a full-time marketing department without hiring numerous employees.

Examples of Strategic Marketing Services

Strategic marketing services that are oftentimes handles by outside parties are tasks that a marketing team works closely with companies to aid them with.

These include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital/Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Consumer & Market Research
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Development & Engagement
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Campaign Development
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Event planning & Execution
  • Advertising & Media

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What Does a Strategic Marketer Do?

A strategic marketer provides personalized marketing insight and implements marketing strategies that get buyers to take action.

They work directly with your company to make long-term and short-term goals to grow your business, find new customers and strengthen the relationship with existing clientele.

A strategic marketer does research, develops strategies and campaigns, and executes marketing solutions.

They provide ongoing guidance, coaching, and expertise to enable you to reach your company’s goals.

What is a Strategic Marketing Plan?

A Strategic Marketing Plan is a comprehensive plan that is custom-designed to market your business to your ideal audience.

Using data collected from research, a strategic marketing plan hones in on what your customers are seeking.

This creates an overall more satisfying customer experience for your clients.

At yorCMO, we consult with company owners, stakeholders, and customers to get a full overview of where your company is at present.

We’ll create a detailed analysis of your current strategies and send a list of our recommendations.

Then, we’ll continue to work with you over two years to implement a marketing strategy designed to captivate your target market and increase your revenue.

What is the Strategic Marketing Process?

Strategic marketing processes are the steps that marketers take to develop a strategy and marketing plan that is perfect for your company.

It all starts with understanding what you want for your company and how your products benefit your buyers.

yorCMO follows six key steps to success. See details for each step below.

The Six Steps Involved in the Strategic Marketing Process

Step One: Identify Your Mission

What some like to call an objective or mission, we call your Wildly Important Goal.

This is what your business is striving to attain the most. Why does your mission matter?

Understanding what you want to achieve in your company is the first step to getting there.

Step Two: Get To Know Your Buyer

A key to increasing sales is understanding why consumers need your products.

Information about your target markets like location, demographics, and personality profiles is gathered.

This lets you speak the language of your clients.

It helps you to understand their triggers and pain points that led them to seek your company out in the first place.

From here, we move onto step three, communicating why your product is better for your buyer than your competitors.

Step Three: Explain the Benefits

Strategic marketing services will enable you to understand the path to a sale to meet the needs of your consumers better.

Our services will help you to explain the benefits of your products in a way that outshines your competitors and increases customer satisfaction.

Step Four: Align Sales & Marketing

Strategic marketing services help your company to align sales and marketing, ensuring they are working in concert.

This helps to promote operational efficiency and sales growth while reducing conversion times.

Step Five: Check-In Frequently

A strong marketing plan is frequently being analyzed and adjusted for maximum effectiveness.

At yorCMO, we check in weekly and quarterly to review your scorecard, action items, and results.

These frequent check-ins enable us to see any hurdles and make adjustments to our strategies to meet your short-term and long-term business goals better.

Step Six: Invest Wisely

Smart business owners invest wisely, but when it comes to marketing, you may feel in the dark about which marketing endeavor is best to invest your hard-earned money.

At yorCMO, we work as your fiduciary partner. Not only do our strategic marketing services manage your marketing needs, but we also manage marketing investments, ensuring you see a positive return on them.

What are the Main Components of a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is a document that highlights the action points for your lead-generating advertising strategy.

All marketing strategies will be different depending on the needs of your company but a successful marketing plan should always include these main components:

  • Realistic short and long-term marketing goals
  • What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be monitored
  • An analysis of the company’s current marketing strategy and position in the market
  • A personality profile and description of your target buyer
  • What types of marketing strategies will be used to grow your business

yorCMO will custom-design your marketing plan to best meet your company’s needs.

We consider the “seven P’s” when designing the marketing strategy that’s right for you.

This includes a knowledge and understanding of products, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning, and people.

Which Companies are Doing Best in Digital Marketing?

With so many digital marketing techniques, there is a lot of inspiration to be gleaned from other companies.

From developing their online presence to sharing creative ideas that drive engagement, here are some companies that are putting out great digital marketing campaigns.

Lincoln Industries

Lincoln Industries launched its first evergreen marketing campaign by outsourcing its marketing needs with yorCMO.

A quarterly newsletter enhanced customer nurturing, and they have since seen their engagement substantially grow.

Check out their inspiring video advertisement:


The Nintendo Switch OLED Model digital marketing campaign was a great success.

Their video advertisements enable new and old buyers to understand the functionality and benefits of owning a Nintendo Switch.

Their digital marketing is an effective method of storytelling that gets buyers excited.

Check out their fun video advertisement here.

Outsourcing Strategic Marketing vs Insourcing

Outsourcing strategic marketing enables small companies with none or stretched-thin marketing resources to save time, effort, and money.

yorCMO will cover all types of strategic marketing.

In fact, each of our CMO’s has a wide array of marketing talents.

Their breadth of knowledge allows you to find a CMO with the skill-set that your company needs for its success.

With yorCMO, you can outsource your market research, competitor analysis, and strategic planning to experts.

A major benefit of hiring strategic marketing services over insourcing is that you only pay for the services that you need.

yorCMO will create a marketing strategy, give insights, and tips on a two-year timeline.

After that, you’re set up for success, and it’s up to you to continue working with yorCMO or venture into the world of marketing with the new know-how gained from our experts.

Wrapping Up

Hiring strategic marketing services is the best way for small companies with limited marketing teams to gain a competitive advantage in any industry.

Schedule a consultation today with yorCMO to see how our strategic marketing services can add real-time benefits to your company and create loyal customers.