As companies get larger, C-suites get further and further away from the customer. Today’s guest is an Entrepreneur and a master conversationalist. Casey Cheshire is the author of the book “Marketing Automation Unleashed” and the CEO of Ringmaster Conversational Marketing. Casey joins host Joseph Frost to talk about how podcasts can get you a conversation with your ideal customer, and the value fractional team members can provide.


  • We have to talk to our customers. It’s easy to hide behind tech but there needs to be a better mechanism to communicate with customers. 
  • As a member of the c-suite, you set strategies based on your customers’ challenges. But how can you efficiently address those challenges if you aren’t having conversations with customers?
  • Podcasting is a great marketing tool for members of the c-suite. It allows you to have in-depth conversations with current and potential customers  and leaves you with plenty of content for the promotion of your brand
  • A customer of your competitors is less likely to have any bias towards your product or services and can provide you with a valuable perspective.
  • Asking customers about the journey they took to find you is a great way to get free market research straight from the customer.  
  • Podcasts are a marketer’s best friend. There are a lot of extra marketing routes that branch off of podcasting.
  • When making content, it is important to understand why you are doing it. Content alone is not enough to get you by, you need a strategy.

Quote of the Show:

“I found personally that I was able to reinvent myself in the C-suite by launching a podcast. And then that was my playground.”


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