Maybe you’ve heard of a Fractional Chief Finance Officer before? Someone who specializes in finance who comes into a business to help with accounting process, financial planning, and banking? Well, substitute the “M” for the “F” and you have a Fractional CMO – Chief Marketing Officer. Okay, enough with the alphabet soup – the most important thing to understand about hiring a Fractional CMO is that you, as a business, get the full value of what a CMO brings to the table at a fraction of the cost.

Large organizations understand the value of marketing and have the resources to hire full-time CMOs. Often in smaller or emerging businesses, marketing is either ignored, taken on by a team member with extra time, outsourced to agencies, or handed over to advertising vendors selling the latest and greatest tactic, who may not even have a full grasp on the long-term business goals or customers buying behavior. You can see why these are not great solutions for businesses. And yet ignoring marketing altogether is a recipe for disaster for a business looking to scale, pivot or prepare for an ownership transition. So, how do we address this issue? Enter yorCMO.

yorCMO provides a team leader who has extensive professional knowledge of marketing, creating integrated strategies with your sales effort, and implementing those marketing strategies for a business. Specifically, your business. It’s someone who understands your target customers and specific marketplace in depth, creates an appropriate, targeted strategy that aligns with your goals, and then sticks around to make sure that strategy is carried out. All this, without having to hire a full-time marketing director, because we understand that is simply not a financial reality for some, and not necessary for many.

Once that strategy is developed, the yorCMO system allows us to focus on setting specific priorities and have regular weekly check-ins to manage internal and external teams to ensure business are moving the right way on their metrics.

Perhaps one of the best ways to understand what we are is to explain what we’re not. We are not an outside agency, trying to sell you products and services so we can pay our people. We are not a consultant with a limited scope of expertise, or a freelancer selling one tactic or another. We are on your side of the table, acting in your best interest, as your marketing director. We are a full-service marketing director on a flat monthly rate and our number one concern is making sure we’re building and executing a solid marketing plan, regardless of the services that entails.

With yorCMO, we are your fiduciary partner, and we’re interested in your success.

Looking to pivot, scale or exit your business? Contact us today!

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