An Effective Marketing Strategy Shouldn’t Be Hard: A Case for Fractional CMOs

An Effective Marketing Strategy Shouldn’t Be Hard: A Case for Fractional CMOs

by John Callahan

Is Your Business Marketing Strategy Taking Up All Your Time?

Unless you’re a marketing company yourself, your team shouldn’t be losing countless hours wrestling with a business marketing plan. Instead, you will get much better returns using results-driven strategies under the guidance of marketing leadership you can trust. That leaves you and your team free to work on crucial tasks that you do best.

Brands often keep marketing fully in-house, to their own detriment. That can lead to ineffective and costly marketing efforts at best, and utter failures and brand disasters at worst. Without periodically consulting an outside expert, businesses risk sticking to outdated marketing tactics that no longer reach their target customer.

Outdated Marketing Tactics Don’t Suit Your Business Goals

There are so many different elements that drive marketing trends, and they’re always shifting. Ever-changing customer preferences, the economy, new social media platforms, and even search engine algorithms bring about new and updated tactics and methodologies.

It takes a dedicated effort to keep up with effective and timely business marketing strategies and to determine which processes work best for your brand. It also requires some core understanding of marketing strategy and the pain points behind marketing tactics, which inexperienced marketing leaders lack.

 When company leaders don’t rely on experienced professionals, they often end up:

  • Implementing marketing trends that simply aren’t a good fit for their business goals
  • Missing out on emerging strategies that could really benefit the organization 
  • Continuing to use techniques that are no longer relevant

 All of these misguided efforts weaken the marketing of your campaigns, making it difficult to achieve goals.

Micro-Managing Marketing Efforts

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the minutiae of developing and implementing the marketing techniques that support your overall business marketing strategy. When this happens, leaders often find themselves micro-managing details that are best left to their team. 

When high-level company leadership spends a disproportionate amount of time and effort micro-managing the execution of low-level strategies, they cannot steer marketing efforts towards organizational goals. Also important, mission-critical tasks in other departments are frequently neglected as all of this occurs.

Poor Use Of Resources

In an SME, human and technology resources are the most important assets a business has. Additionally, to keep these departments running lean and efficiently, every resource must be used as intended. That means your leadership needs to ensure workers set explicit marketing goals and focus on what they do best.

To reach marketing goals that make sense for your business as a whole, leaders must recognize when it’s best to outsource certain efforts. Often, this means outsourcing the team’s marketing strategy to a marketing expert like a fractional CMO.

When marketing is left to professionals capable of identifying needs, setting reachable goals, and building strategies based on those goals, you can assign all of the other company tasks appropriately. Additionally, executives can spend more time on big-picture strategy instead of managing marketing efforts.


Investing in Technologies That Don’t Work

There is a stunning array of tools to automate every step of the marketing process. Many of these add a lot of value when they are a good fit. Some are niche products with very limited applications. Then some simply aren’t worth the investment or time spent overcoming a learning curve.

 Unfortunately, companies without the right expertise often invest in too many niche marketing technologies that simply don’t work for them or suit their business goals. The intentions一to reduce work and produce better results一are good. But in reality, these tools can lead to duplicate efforts, getting off-strategy, or even failed campaigns.

Fragmented Marketing Efforts

A dedicated CMO can oversee integrated marketing efforts from a visionary point of view and help set smart goals. By applying their expertise in not only data driven business marketing strategy but also management and organization, fractional CMOs can help organizations reach their long-term goals.

Without this expert guidance, individuals and small teams are often stretched too thin and disjointed from one another, each working on different projects with no real unifying purpose or plan. 

Even when these efforts are moderately successful on their own, none of them build on the success of the others to take the company to its fullest potential. That’s something that only experienced, objective marketing leadership can accomplish.

Refusing to Pivot

As businesses grow, their marketing needs can change. Target audiences can evolve, though many companies refuse to evolve alongside them. What were once the best channels for reaching out to customers may no longer be effective, yet many businesses have a hard time letting their tried-and-true tactics go. 

Brands often struggle to make necessary strategy adjustments when they keep marketing in house, which denies them new, and often better opportunities. It’s much easier to fall into the trap of “this is how we have always done it” without an outsider perspective.

Further, even if your in-house marketing leadership can execute the current marketing plan, they may not be the best fit for mounting obstacles that come with a rapidly growing business. Bringing in a fresh perspective makes it easier to objectively identify growing edges and new target audiences in order to increase profits.

The Fractional CMO Solution

A fractional CMO provides the kind of leadership and clarity required to implement truly results-driven marketing efforts. Fractional CMOs can easily identify the most relevant marketing tactics for your business, and understand how different processes form a strategy that is relevant to your organization’s goals. Fractional CMOs bring about real growth by focusing on core initiatives rather than employing too many trendy tactics and tools that may not be a good fit.

When this happens, marketing becomes an integrated solution that works for your organization, not a daily hassle.

yorCMO offers a tailored fractional marketing approach that develops and executes your marketing strategy to drive sales.

Are you ready to minimize your marketing stress by trusting an unbiased expert who can guide your company towards achievable goals? 

John Callahan


John has spent 25 years driving business growth through marketing in B2C and B2B channels through strategic brand management, innovation, sales and retail management with a focus on building sales and marketing teams faster and more profitably than industry standards. 

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