You have a challenge: You are struggling to get quality people to respond to your job ads.  

Not having the right people in your company is hurting your growth and adding pressure to your team. You are Frustrated: It shouldn’t be so hard to hire good people… 

We Get it! Marketers are being called upon to support hiring campaigns.  

It’s time for a new approach…. But how? 

The Plan:  

  1. Learn the framework that helps your job ads resonate better with the best candidates
  2. Gather data to shift your messaging
  3. Get the message in the right place

There are only 2 outcomes: success or failure

You hire better people, your company grows, and your team is happy. You are back in growth mode. 

Or Failure: You can keep doing what you are doing and be frustrated – at least you will have plenty of space at your office for a ping pong tab 

The key ingredient is the story, a good story has the power to:


  • Attract the right people  
  • Engage the right audience 
  • Persuade them that you are the guide to help them solve their challenge 

Here’s how it works:  

  • A character (The Hero) steps into the story (that’s your Prospective Employee)
  • They have a problem (they need help solving it)
  • They meet a guide (that’s you!)
  • Their guide gives them a plan (how to solve their problem)
  • That plan calls them to action (to apply to your company to solve their problem).

Sounds familiar?

Here is a quick video for the Storybrand Framework developed by Donald Miller:

Framework explained:

Who is the Hero/Character of your brand story?  

  • The Hero of your brand story is not you. The Hero is your potential employee.  
  • A Hero needs help.  
  • What is their ultimate end goal? State that clearly and begin your message by speaking directly to the needs and desires of your prospect.  
  • In other words, “what’s in it for me?” If you talk only about yourself, your company and how great you are, they will lose interest. 

 What are the problems they are facing?  

  • Villain: This is the thing or idea your customer is frustrated with.  
  • External Problems: These are the surface issues your character faces. Low pay, bad boss…  
  • Internal Problem: When they don’t work for a company like yours, what feeling do they experience? In most employment situations, they feel frustrated. Why?  
  • Philosophical Problem: Why is it wrong that your employees would experience this problem? Usually begins with “it’s wrong to…” or “you shouldn’t have to…” 

Your employees aren’t looking for a Hero. They’re searching for a guide.  

As the Guide, focus on how you help solve the Hero’s problems.  

  • Empathy: you understand the Hero’s problems  
  • Authority: you have what it takes to help the Hero overcome those problems. This is often a good place for your mission and purpose. 


The Guide always has a plan to help the Hero.  

What’s your plan? StoryBrand advises using a simple, 3-step plan that makes it easy for your prospects to say “YES” right away. 

What do you want your prospective employee to do?  

This is the ONE THING they need to do. You should have a Direct CTA and a Transitional CTA  

Direct CTAs: Fill out an Application, Find Open Positions  

Transitional CTAs: (not as relevant for hiring) You’re not ready to apply? That’s OK. Here are some resources to help you on your journey: 

  • Download the Free Hiring Guide  
  • Register for the Employee Webinar  
  • Learn More 

You must paint a clear vision of the future for your prospective employee. Remind them of their happy ending and why they need to choose to work for you. 

Choices have consequences.

Remind the Hero of what happens if they fail, if they don’t choose you as their Guide. They will fail to solve their problems. They won’t grow or get what they want. 

Do Your Research  

Don’t do this in a vacuum. Interview your staff, get industry research.

Move Beyond the Job Post 

  • Your digital landscape should align to the brand script (Website, Social, Job Sites…)
  • Think about where people absorb content
  • Use digital ads (if appropriate)


Need help building your team? Let’s book a workshop and together we can clarify yor message and establish your brand story today. Remember, if you confuse, you lose!

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