Dave Blanchard


Dave has contributed leadership in a broad variety of roles and business units over a 26 year marketing career with a Fortune 50 Technology Market Maker.

Meet Dave

Dave is based in the Greater Portland Oregon Area. Dave was a leader in a broad variety of roles and business units over a 26-year marketing career with a Fortune 50 Technology Market Maker.

In his first fractional role, he created and executed a successful marketing strategy from scratch. He has also helped over 300 small businesses increase their capacity to grow and has contributed significant growth to franchise client unit economics.  

The combination of start-up, small business, franchise and corporate marketing experience results in a unique perspective on the large company marketing discipline which smaller companies must adopt to be able to grow.  

Dave’s deep experience with digital marketing and marketing automation gives him insight into modern marketing tools and methods. He has helped clients master getting in front of customers in an online, mobile first world. 

Dave is an innovative, results oriented, and customer focused as demonstrated by his work to attract $50,000 in new business to a green drink company in just a few short weeks with no money spent on advertising.  

Other successes include turning around a money draining search marketing campaign and discovering insights from customer research that pointed toward a complete repositioning of the company to strengthen competitive advantage. 

Dave has also shared his knowledge and experience online in webinars, as a podcast guest and in-person trainings. 

Industry Expertise

  • Manufacturing 
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Consumer Services 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Home Services 
  • Health Services 
  • Industrial 
  • eCommerce 


  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Consumer Research 
  • Product Development, New Product Launches
  • Joint Ventures 
  • Brand Strategy
  • Virtual Team Leadership
  • Content Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment 
  • Consumer Research | Segmentation 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Positioning and Differentiation
  • Customer Journey
  • Revenue/Profit Growth
  • Digital Marketing
  • Events/Trade Shows
  • Go to market strategy | Attribution
  • Marketing Performance
  • Lead Generation

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