Joseph Frost

CMO and Co-Founder

Joseph Frost is a self proclaimed iDea guy and action hero, focused on building the perfect practice for CMOs to deliver unbiased marketing expertise to all yorCMO clients.

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Meet Joseph

Joseph Frost is a serial iDea Guy and parallel entrepreneur with 15+ years building businesses and serving clients.

With his degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA, Joseph has a unique ability to see the forest, the trees, and the entire ecosystem at the same time. He’s the architect behind the yorCMO system, and is actively building our CMO capacity and client base.

Joseph is a family guy who starts his day driving kids to school, ends his day watching soccer games, and enjoys collaborating with clients and cmos to build life changing practices and world class businesses in between. He can also be found smoking a cigar on his laptop or pacing on his phone at a coffee shop.

How Joseph has helped clients…

  • Built a 3.5 million mortgage operation in 3 years with close to $500,000,000 in originations.
  • Built a first of its kind video production company focused on new media marketing in the niche not for profit space.
  • Developed the “Leaky Bucket” campaign for dentist to address “Slumptember” increasing sales 2 fold.
  • Managed a first time political candidates run against an established foe (former congressman, mayor, and regent), and crafted a communications and marketing strategy to win the primary and the general election.



    • MBA – Emphasis in Entrepreneurship, University of Kansas
    • Bachelor of Science – Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa
    • Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Midland University

    Industry Experience

    • Not for Profit
    • Financial Services
    • Real Estate
    • Creative Services
    • Water Treatment
    • Politics
    • A Lot More


    • Strategic Planning
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Leadership
    • Campaign Development
    • Video Production
    • Content Strategist
    • Sales & Marketing Alignment
    • Facilitations
    • Entrepreneurship


      Published Works

      What is a CMO? Chief Marketing Officer Explained

      What is a CMO? Chief Marketing Officer Explained

      A CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer, is a senior corporate executive who leads a company’s marketing strategy. In other words, they are the tree from which all the marketing acorns fall. They are the person who decides how, where, and when to market a company’s products...

      Pivot and Recovery Framework

      Pivot and Recovery Framework   About the Author: Joseph is CMO and co-founder of yorCMO. In his role as CMO, he focuses his efforts on finding new CMOs to add to the yorCMO team, and developing their client marketing efforts. Prior to founding yorCMO in 2017, he...

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